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SAQG RULES and CONDITIONS for the Competition

Download SAQG RULES and CONDITIONS for the Competition PDF

The Rules and Conditions must be adhered to when entering the Competition.
On the Entry Form, the entrant/s must indicate with a tick that they have read, understood and agreed to the Rules and Conditions.

1. All entries must be made predominantly from cloth, consisting of at least three (3) layers, and be quilted through all layers or as specified.

2. All quilts entered must be quilted by hand, machine, or both, except for Mola, Yo-Yos and Cathedral Window.

3. All entries must be in a pristine condition ready for judging and exhibition.

4. All entries must be solely the work of those named and stated as the Maker/s on the Entry Form.

5. Category Choice: The category choice is the sole responsibility of the entrant. It is important that entrant/s study and choose the appropriate category for their work. See Important Note at the end of this document.

6. No quilt may be entered into more than one (1) category.

7. Size: All quilts MUST fit the size requirements of the selected category. Quilts must be measured horizontally across the widest part of the quilt, and the measured length of the quilt must include any elements hanging from the quilt.

8. Category Criteria: Each quilt must be designed, constructed, and quilted by only one person, with the exception of quilts entered in the Collaborative and Group categories.

9. Maximum number of quilt entries for competition: A maximum of four (4) entries per person is allowed, i.e. a participating quilter can enter no more than four (4) quilts into the competition.
Note: Whether you enter as an individual or as a paid/non-paid participant of a Collaborative / Group category, the rule of a maximum of four (4) entries also applies to these persons.

10. Paid participants: An entrant can pay someone else for having done work on their entry but may then only enter the quilt in the Collaborative or Group categories. The name and details of the paid entrant/quilter must also be stated on the Entry Form as one of the entrants.

11. Machine-quilted entries: All entrants who use a machine to quilt their entry/ies must indicate on the Entry Form whether it is done using a Stationary Machine or a Movable Quilting Machine. See definitions below:

  1. Stationary Sewing Machine includes the use of any sewing machine that allows the quilter to move the fabric rather than the machine and the machine sits on or is mounted on a table. The stitching must predominantly use this method.
  2. Movable Quilting Machine includes any machine that allows the quilter to move the machine head rather than the fabric and is mounted on a frame. The stitching must predominantly use this method.

12. All forms of free-motion machine-quilted quilts with no computer-assisted elements can be entered in any category, whether long-arm, medium-arm or domestic sewing machines. The BSR is not considered a computer-assisted device and can be used.

13. Quilts using computer-digitized quilting and/or embroidery patterns can only be entered in the Open categories i.e. Categories 2 & 6. Digitized and/or embroidered whole-cloth quilts must also be entered in these categories. All entrants must indicate on the entry form whether the quilt entry has been quilted on a machine using digitized patterns.

14. Quilt Sleeve: All quilts must have a 10cm-deep sleeve sewn to the top back of the quilt, 2cm short of either side, unless otherwise stated in a specific category (e.g. Miniatures) where specific instructions will apply. Quilts with a width of 200cm or more must have an opening of 5cm in the middle of the sleeve to facilitate the hanging of the quilt.

15. Cloth Label: All quilts must have a cloth label securely sewn to the back of the quilt, placed on the lower left-hand corner (viewed from the back). The label must include, in this order: the unique Quilt Entry Code and number (emailed to you once your entry has been registered), Quilt Title, Quilt-maker(s) names, Address, Phone Number, Email and Date (or Year) the quilt was made. All the information, except for the Quilt Entry Code and number and the Quilt Title, is to be covered by a piece of dark cloth, tacked onto the label. Should the quilter’s name appear in any way or form anywhere else on the quilt, this also needs to be covered.

16. Credits: Note that when the stated design source is not exclusively your own – this includes using someone else’s pattern, artwork, photography, or even another quilt as inspiration, even if the design has been altered – then comprehensive design credits must be given.

  1. It is the entrant’s responsibility to obtain all necessary copyright releases for work that is covered under copyright laws.
  2. Proof, as far as possible, such as correspondence, a letter of permission, and/or approved confirmation, and an A4 photograph, or colour photocopy of the design source must be supplied.
  3. A printed copy of the completed Entry Form, together with the credits, design source, inspiration, photocopies and/or permissions etc. must be placed in a clear plastic sleeve pinned to the back of the quilt.

17. Jury Process: All quilt entries will be juried by SAQG Accredited Quilt Judges, who will check that the entry complies with all the relevant rules and is of an acceptable standard for the SA National Quilt Competition as well as appropriate subject matter. Quilts that are juried out will receive a Jurors’ Note and are not eligible to be displayed as part of the competition/exhibition.

18. Judging: Quilts will be judged by a team of SAQG Accredited Quilt Judges. Each quilt judged in the competition will receive a written Judges’ Comment Form. The decisions and choices of the judges are final and NO queries or correspondence pertaining to the judging will be considered.

19. Rights:

  1. The SAQG and SAIQF Organisers reserve the right to reject any quilt that they feel is inappropriate or offensive.
  2. The SAQG and SAIQF Organisers reserve the right to photograph any work and to use images for promotion and publicity purposes and will acknowledge the quilter/s.
  3. The SAQG reserves the right to withdraw awards and prizes should it be found and established that any competition Rule and/or Condition has not been adhered to. Refer in particular to Rule No 4, 8, 10, 11, 12, 13, 16 and 24. In such a case the award and prize must be returned.

20. Permission: By entering this competition the entrants are giving permission to the Organisers and viewing public to take photographs of their quilt/s, knowing that these images may appear on social media platforms.

21. Consent for a quilt to travel as part of the SAQG Travelling Exhibition, should it be chosen, may be given by filling in the appropriate tick box on the Entry Form.

22. Risk: Although the greatest care will be taken with all entries, the quilts are entered and exhibited entirely at the risk of the owner/ entrant/s. Entrants have the responsibility to arrange their own insurance.

23. Entry and delivery dates: All quilt entries must adhere to the entry and delivery dates and deadlines.

24. Restrictions for entering a South African National Quilt Competition:

  1. Quilts previously entered in a South African National Quilt Competition are excluded from entering this SA International Quilt Festival competition. Quilts can be entered into South African local or regional quilt competitions or in this international competitions.
  2. No quilt that is older than three (3) years after completion of the quilt may be entered into the Competition.
  3. Quilts may be for sale or sold before or during the competition and exhibition period. This includes the Travelling Exhibition. The sale will not be handled in any way by the Festival Committee and all arrangements must be made between the buyer and seller directly. The quilt may only be handed over to the buyer at the end of the competition and/or exhibition period.
  4. Quilts with heavy embellishments, rigid frames, special mountings, or installations are not allowed. For safety reasons, quilts with electrical components or special lighting requirements are not allowed.
  5. Jurors, Judges and the SAQG Judging Representative may not enter any work in the competition in which they are officiating.
  6. Master Quilters may not enter the Bed Quilt (Open) or Wall Quilt (Open) Categories.
  7. The Competition Organiser, Quilt Registrar, Judging Room Organizer and SAQG Judging Representative are not allowed to enter quilts as individuals, but may enter as a participant in a Group Quilt or a special exhibition.

25. Quilt Entry Form and Costs

The entry fee/s are non-refundable.
Note: The quilter/s is/are liable for all postage/shipping/courier costs and/or other expenses and insurance pertaining to their quilt entry or entries.
A quilter may enter their completed work into this SA Interational Quilt Competition by entering online for the relevant competition.

Note: It is important that the entrants should study and choose the appropriate category for their work as the category choice is the sole responsibility of the entrant.
If you are unsure and would like help in this regard, contact the SAQG Judging Representative, Paul Schutte, for clarity and advice.

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